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Sakuntala: Evelyn Brunner

Durvasas: Richard Robson

Harita: Brian Kemp

A Young Hermit: Harry Nicoll

The King: David Parker

Anusuya: Rosamund Illing

Priyamvada: Anita Terzian

The King's Squire: Andrew Gallacher

Kanva: Armando Caforio

A Fisherman: Brendan Cavanagh

Creative Team

ConductorAlbert Rosen
DirectorNicholas Hytner
Set DesignDavid Fielding
Costume DesignDavid Fielding
Lighting DesignMick Hughes
Music PreparationPhilip Knowles
Chorus MasterSimon Joly

The Plot

"Sakuntala" tells the story of a young woman named Sakuntala, who is the daughter of a sage and a celestial nymph. She lives in a hermitage and catches the attention of King Dushyanta, who falls in love with her at first sight. The two get married in a secret ceremony known as Gandharva marriage.

However, due to a curse, Sakuntala is forced to leave the palace and return to her hermitage. In her haste, she accidentally leaves behind a ring that Dushyanta had given her as a token of their love. When Dushyanta later sees the ring, he is struck by amnesia and forgets about his marriage to Sakuntala.

Meanwhile, Sakuntala gives birth to a son named Bharata, who becomes an important figure in Indian mythology. Years later, Dushyanta encounters Sakuntala and their son in the forest but does not recognize them. Through various trials and interventions by celestial beings, Dushyanta's memory is restored, and he is reunited with Sakuntala and Bharata.

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