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Theatre Royal

Melodramma Eroico in two acts by Gioachino Rossini
Libretto by Gaetano Rossi, after Voltaire Tancrède

Sung in Italian


Tancredi: Kathleen Kuhlmann

Amenaide: Inga Neilsen

Argirio: Bruce Ford

Orbazzano: Petteri Salomaa

Isaura: Marijke Hendriks

Roggiero: Roisin McGibbon

Creative Team

ConductorArnold Oestman
DirectorMichael Beauchamp
Set DesignWilliam Passmore
Costume DesignWilliam Passmore
Lighting DesignJohn Waterhouse
Music PreparationJoyce Fieldsend
Chorus MasterIan Reid

The Plot

Act 1
The opera opens in the city of Syracuse, Sicily. Two warring nobles, Argirio and Orbazzano, have agreed to a truce in the face of a greater threat: the approaching army of Solamir. The Senate has already given Tancredi’s confiscated estates to Orbazzano, and now Argirio offers him his daughter, Amenaide, in marriage. However, Amenaide is secretly in love with Tancredi, who is believed to have been killed in battle. The act ends with Amenaide singing an ode to her love for Tancredi.

Act 2
In the second act, Amenaide is accused of treason and sentenced to death. She is defended by Tancredi, who has returned from the dead. He challenges Orbazzano to a duel in defense of Amenaide’s honor and life. He wins the duel, killing Orbazzano and winning Amenaide’s freedom.

Act 3
In the third act, Tancredi and Amenaide are reunited and pledge their love for each other. However, they are both captured by Solamir’s army and sentenced to death. They are saved at the last minute by Argirio, who has negotiated a peace treaty with Solamir.

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