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Baboushka: Sona Cervena
The General: Joseph Rouleau
Pauline: Anne Howells
Alexei: Arley Reece
Blanche: Annabel Hunt
Marquis: Bernard Dickerson 
Mr Astley: Richard Stilgoe
Nilsky: Dennis O'Neill
Potapitch: Peter Forest


ConductorAlbert Rosen
DirectorDavid Pountney
Set DesignMaria Bjornsen
Costume DesignMaria Bjornsen
Lighting DesignWilliam Bradford
Chorus MasterGordon Kember
Chorus CoachMelanie Crowther

The Plot

Act 1
The protagonist, Alexei, is introduced as a tutor to the General's family. He is hopelessly in love with the General's daughter, Pauline, who is already involved with the Marquis. The General is a compulsive gambler and owes a large sum of money to the Marquis.

Act 2
Alexei becomes obsessed with gambling and starts to lose everything he has. He hopes to win enough money to impress Pauline and win her love. Meanwhile, the Marquis and Pauline continue their affair.

Act 3
Alexei's gambling addiction becomes worse, and he borrows money from the Marquis to continue playing. The General also continues to gamble and loses everything he has.

Act 4
Alexei and Pauline confess their love for each other, but the Marquis informs the General of their affair. The General challenges Alexei to a duel.

Act 5
Pauline intervenes in the duel and takes the bullet meant for Alexei. She dies in his arms, and the opera ends with Alexei and the General reconciling.

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