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Mistress Ford: Catherine Wilson
Mistress Page: Anne Collins
Mr Page: Ian Comboy
Slender: Keith Jones
Dr Caius: Sean Mitten
Fenton: Maurice Arthur
Falstaff: Michael Langdon
Mr Ford: Alan Opie
Townsman: Peter O'Leary
Ann Page: Sandra Dugdale

Creative Team

ConductorLeonard Hancock
DirectorPatrick Libby
Set DesignAdam Pollock
Costume DesignAdam Pollock
Lighting DesignGraham Large
Chorus MasterAlan Cutts
Chorus CoachesBernie Morris, Ruth Miller

The Plot

Act 1
Sir John Falstaff, a wealthy and vain man, sets his sights on seducing the married women Alice Ford and Meg Page in order to gain access to their money. Meanwhile, Dr. Caius and Fenton both express their love for Anne Page, but she is uninterested in either of them. Alice and Meg hatch a plan to trick Falstaff and teach him a lesson.

Act 2
Falstaff continues to pursue Alice and Meg, but they continue to outsmart him with their pranks. Meanwhile, Anne's parents try to force her to marry Dr. Caius, but she is in love with Fenton. The women help Anne and Fenton elope, while Falstaff is once again humiliated.

Act 3
Falstaff is once again defeated by the women and their husbands, who have all been in on the prank. Anne and Fenton are married, while Dr. Caius is reconciled with his rival, Parson Evans. The opera ends with a joyful celebration of love and marriage.

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