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The Prologue: Maurice Arthur
The Governess: Jane Manning
Flora: Victoria Klasicki
Miles: James Maguire
Mrs Grose: Margaret Kingsley
Quint: Lee Winston
Miss Jessel: Anne Cant

Creative Team

ConductorAlbert Rosen
DirectorAdrian Slack
Set DesignDavid Fielding
Lighting DesignJames McCosh

The Plot

Act I
In the mid-19th century, a young governess is hired to take care of two orphaned children, Flora and Miles, at a remote country estate. The governess becomes convinced that the house is haunted by the ghosts of the former governess, Miss Jessel, and her lover, Peter Quint, who both died under mysterious circumstances. The governess is determined to protect the children from the malevolent spirits, but her efforts are complicated by the children's strange behavior and her own growing obsession with the ghosts.

Act II
The governess confronts Miles about his strange behavior and his relationship with Quint. Miles confesses that he stole a letter from Quint's pocket before his death, and the governess realizes that the letter contained evidence of Quint's illicit relationship with Miss Jessel. As Miles becomes increasingly agitated, the ghost of Quint appears and takes possession of the boy's body. The governess tries to exorcise the spirit, but Miles dies in her arms. The opera ends with the governess in a state of shock and despair, haunted by the ghosts of her past.

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