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Karolina: Elizabeth Gale

Aneska: Felicity Palmer

Mumlal: Joseph Rouleau

Ladislav: Robert White

Lidka: Dinah Harris

Tonik: Bonaventura Bottone

Creative Team

ConductorAlbert Rosen
DirectorDavid Pountney
Set DesignSue Blane
Costume DesignSue Blane
Chorus costumes designMaria Bjornsen
Lighting DesignVictor Lockwood
ChoreographerTerry Gilbert
Chorus MasterAlan Cutts


Stage ManagerNicholas Till

The Plot

Place: A castle in Bohemia (Czech Republic).

Act 1
At the castle, the people are celebrating. The two widows, Caroline and Agnes, who live there are very different. The landlady, Caroline, is happy about her liberty and independence, while Agnes cannot make friends since she is still in mourning. Caroline is pressed by her suitor, Ladislaus. However, she does not want to marry him. So Caroline conspires to have Agnes fall in love with Ladislaus. Caroline invites Ladislaus to the castle, where he is arrested by Mumlal. Ladislaus is condemned to one day house arrest in the castle. Ladislaus accepts the punishment. However, Agnes cannot be made interested in him. At the end of the act, Lidka and Toník with the choir sing about love.

Act 2

While in prison, Ladislaus sings a love song, which awakens in Agnes the feeling of love. However, Agnes cannot confess to her feelings. Even Caroline's scheme and Ladislaus's confession does not change her feelings. Only as Caroline begins to flirt with Ladislaus, that Agnes admits her feelings to Ladislaus. The envious Mumlal cannot divert Lidka and Toník from making love to each other. At the ball, both of them get married.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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