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Theatre Royal

A Chinese fable in two acts by Ferruccio Busoni.
After Carlo Gozzi.

Sung in German

Second title of a Double Bill with Don Giovanni Tenorio by Giovanni Gazzaniga


Turandot: Kristine Ciesinski

Kalaf: Milan Voldrich

Barak: Balazs Poka

The Emperor Altoum: Norman Bailey

Adelma: Alison Browner

Truffaldino: Bruce Brewer

Pantalone: Alan Cemore

Tartaglia: Phillip Guy-Bromley

The Queen of Samerkand: Malmfrid Sand

Dancers: Julie Wong, Sarah Audsley

Creative Team

ConductorSimon Joly
DirectorPatrick Mason
Set DesignJoe Vanek
Costume DesignJoe Vanek
Lighting DesignPaul Pyant
ChoreographerTerry John Bates
Chorus MasterRoy Laughlin

The Plot

Act 1
Scene 1

Kalaf comes upon the picture discarded by an earlier executed suitor, and determines to win Turandot.

Scene 2

Emperor Altoum complains of Turandot's intransigence. Kalaf says he would rather die than fail to win Turandot. Turandot enters with her maid Adelma who recognises the Prince, but remains silent. Kalaf correctly answers the three riddles, and challenges Turandot to discover his name and parentage; if she does so, he will depart.

Act 2

Scene 1

Slave girls dance to a wordless choral version of "Greensleeves".[18] Turandot confesses her mixed feelings for the Prince. Adelma says she knows the Prince's name, and will tell Turandot if she can have her freedom; Turandot agrees.

Scene 2

Turandot announces Kalaf's name to general consternation, and he makes ready to depart. But Turandot stops him, saying he has awakened her heart. The work closes with a final ensemble 'Was ist das alle Menschen bindet?' ("What is it that rules all men?") to which is the reply 'Die Liebe' ("Love").

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