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Cavaliere di Belfiore: Donald Maxwell

Barone di Kelbar: Sesto Bruscantini

Marchese del Poggio: Lucia Aliberti

Giulietta di Kelbar: Angela Feeney

Edoardo di Sanval: Ugo Benelli

Tesoriere la Rocca: Gianni Socci

Conte Ivrea: Brendan Cavanagh

Delmonte: Tony Madden

Creative Team

ConductorJames Judd
DirectorSesto Bruscantini
Set DesignTim Reed
Costume DesignTim Reed
Lighting DesignGraham Large
Music PreparationGareth Morrell
Chorus MasterSimon Joly

The Plot

Act 1
The opera is set in the 18th century, in the court of the Duke of Urbino. The Duke's jester, Belfiore, is in love with the Countess of Folleville, who is also being courted by the Marquis of Forlipopoli. The Countess's husband, the Count, has recently died, and she is in mourning. However, she agrees to meet with Belfiore in secret. Meanwhile, the Marquis and his friend, the Baron of Kelbar, arrive at the court disguised as English tourists. They plan to win the Countess's hand in marriage and claim her dowry.

Act 2

The Marquis and Baron's plan is foiled when the real English tourists arrive at the court. They are revealed as imposters, and the Countess agrees to marry Belfiore. However, the wedding is interrupted when it is revealed that Belfiore is actually the Duke of Urbino's long-lost son, who was presumed dead. Belfiore renounces his love for the Countess and accepts his rightful place as heir to the dukedom. The Countess is left heartbroken but eventually finds love with the Marquis's friend, Edoardo.

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