15-minute ‘pop-up’ performances.

Every fortnight the brand new Suday Up VIPs will keep you company on a Sunday afternoon while waiting for the opening of the Festival 2021.

There are still a few surprises yet to come over the coming months ahead of the 70th Wexford Festival Opera in October 2021. 
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JUNE, 13

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The Sunday Up series of 15-minute ‘pop-up’ performances is part of Wexford Festival Opera's ongoing work to support the continuing professional development of artists. These wonderfully creative opera vignettes are designed, produced and performed by members of the 2020/2021 Wexford Factory and recorded in various locations throughout the world by a different artist. The Festival has also been honoured to have a few special guests contribute to the first live series.  All Sunday Up events are available to view online on the Wexford Festival Opera YouTube Channel and Facebook page.

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Wexford Factory

While the first year of this two-year professional development academy has finished, the team at Wexford were keen to continue to support the artists involved on their creative journey and introduced the Sunday Up ‘pop-up’ events to further showcase their talents and to provide employment opportunities.

‘Art is Work’ “This is a quote you can find everywhere these days and it is so true, especially during these difficult circumstances. But we can also say ‘Work is Art’. This is the reason Wexford Festival Opera has decided to continue performing throughout the year, allowing the Wexford Factory artists to further develop their creativity and their skills. These 13 young singers have each been asked to create a unique ‘pop-up’ event, recorded wherever they are living - ranging from Dublin to Connemara, from London to New York.

Under the on-going supervision of our tutors and teachers, their task is to choose a fitting music programme, a location to film their event and a creative idea as to how to stage their performance. The result of this adventure is an enjoyable series of ‘pop-up’ events called SUNDAY UP that will be presented on our social media every Sunday at 5pm from the 22 November 2020 and every second Sunday from January to August 2021.

What better way to stimulate the students' fantasy and creativity and keep connected with our audiences and friends throughout the year than with a mini taste of Wexford? Stay tuned with us!”  - Rosetta Cucchi, Artistic Director