Sunday Up

A series of exciting new Pop-up events to bring a little something extra to your Sundays for the remainder of the year. 
Enjoy online each Sunday at 5pm 

Winter may be on its way, but we're not hibernating!
Join us every Sunday at 5.00 pm, either on our Facebook page or our YouTube Channel for our SUNDAY UP, a new series of Pop-Up events made for you by the Wexford factory singers from around the world.
And for Christmas, you won't want to miss our special treat!
Stay tuned (and stay safe)!

SUNDAY, 22 NOVEMBER 202 - 5pm

with Andrew Gavin (tenor) and Andrew Synnott (piano)

Watch it on WFO Youtube Channel

Part of the ongoing work of the festival in supporting artists' continuing professional development, this series of pop-up events will be free to view online each Sunday at 5pm. These mini gems will be devised, produced and performed by artists who took part in the inaugural Wexford Factory this autumn.

While the first year of the professional development academy has finished, the team at Wexford were keen to continue to support these artists on their creative journey and SUNDAY UP pop-up events will further showcase their talents.
SUNDAY UP will take place each Sunday from 22 November till the end of 2020 including a very special Christmas treat and will resume in 2021 every second Sunday from January to August. 
The first SUNDAY UP on 22 November will see Andrew Gavin, tutored and accompanied by Andrew Synnott, in “Walking on Grafton Street”, a 15 minutes journey through Irish folk songs.

Each Sunday a different artist will perform their 15 minute pop-up. 

Artistic Director Wexford Festival Opera, Rosetta Cucchi explains:
Art is work, this is the quote you can find everywhere in these days and it is so true especially in these difficult circumstances, but we can say work as well is art. 
This is the reason why Wexford Festival Opera this year won’t stop during the wintertime allowing the students of the Wexford Factory to continue to develop ther creativity and their skills.
These thirteen young singers have each been asked to create a unique Pop-up event which will will take place wherever they are from - ranging from Dublin to Connemara, from London to New York.

Under the supervision of our tutors and teachers, their task will be to pick a suitable music program, a location where they will video film the event and finally a plan of how to stage their own performances.
The result of this adventure will be an enjoyable series of pop-up events called SUNDAY UP that we will present, through our social media, every Sunday at 5pm from the 22 November till the end of this strange 2020, and every second Sunday from January to August.
What a better way to stimulate the students' fantasy and creativity, and keep connected with our audiences and friends throughout the year with a mini taste of Wexford.  
Stay tuned with us!

Join us every Sunday at 5pm, on the WFO Facebook page or YouTube Channel for SUNDAY UP