Become a Cast & Artistic Benefactor

Being a personal benefactor to a singer or member of our artistic team through our Cast and Artistic Programme is a really significant way of supporting Wexford Festival Opera.

This is an excellent opportunity to become involved in the career of a performer, conductor or director, and to meet them and take a personal interest in their career. The artist may be finding it challenging to develop their career, so knowing that someone in the audience is supporting them in such a practical manner provides a wonderful boost, and in our experience lasting friendships have been made between artist and benefactor.

If you are interested in supporting a Festival performer our Artistic Director, Rosetta Cucchi, will be pleased to discuss with you an artist with whom you can enjoy a rewarding relationship.

You will receive accreditation in the Festival Programme and complimentary festival tickets. A lunch or coffee engagement with the artist may also be arranged. Such an encounter is a unique opportunity for you to enter into the world of opera in a personal way and appreciate it from a performer’s perspective.

So why not become a benefactor and support an artist’s journey.

For more details, please contact Nuala Sheedy directly on +353 83 087 5413  or email