Artistic Bursaries

Gerard Arnhold Bursary

This award, generously donated by Anthony Arnhold in memory of his late father, Gerard Arnhold, a long-time patron and supporter of Wexford Festival Opera.  Wexford Festival Opera is most grateful to Anthony, his wife Mayca, and the Arnhold Family for providing this award.

2012    Anna Jeruk-Kopec
2013    Jennifer Davis
2014    Johane Ansell and Rory Musgrave
2015    Magali Simard-Galdés
2016    Sarah Richmond
2017    Ioana Constantin-Pipelea
2018    Simon Mechlinski
2019    Aigul Akhmetshina
2020 – Wexford Factory

Aria Friends’ Bursary

Throughout the Festival the Aria Friends of Wexford Festival Opera have the opportunity to nominate the artist they wish to see awarded this bursary.  

2013    Cátia Moreso
2014    Kate Allen
2015    Rachel Croash
2016    Caroyln Sproule
2017    Thomas Hopkinson
2018    Gustavo Castillo
2019    Emmanuel Franco

PwC Emerging Young Artist Bursary

PwC and Wexford Festival Opera have created the Emerging Young Artist Award to provide opportunities for outstanding young Irish opera singers at Wexford to develop their talent and further their careers. 

2015    Rory Musgrave and Rachel Croash
2016    Sarah Richmond and Andrew Gavin
2017    Emma Nash and Cormac Lawlor   
2018    Maria Hughes and Richard Shaffrey
2019    Andrew Masterson and Kelli-Ann Masterson
2020    Anna Brady and Rory Dunne

Liam Healy Bursary

The Liam Healy Bursary, was founded by Eithne Healy in special memory of her late husband Liam Healy, the former chairman of the Wexford Festival Foundation. This bursary is intended to nurture the development of the performing careers young Irish artists. 

2017    Cormac Lawlor
2018    Cillian O'Breacháin
2019    Kelli-Ann Masterson

“The hardest part of a career as an Opera Singer is undoubtedly the start. This is the time when support, guidance and courage are indispensable in gaining experience and training that will carry you and your career throughout your performing life. Being awarded the PwC Bursary with Wexford Festival Opera was an invaluable part in supporting my development and progress as an artist. It helped to fund travel and training, two vital components in a young artists life. With this vital support the next generations of young Irish singers will carry their vocal talents around the world.” – Rory Musgrave, PwC Emerging Young Artist Bursary recipient 2015