Wexford Festival Tours

Wexford Festival Opera Tours, in association with the National Opera House, are organised by Nicholas Furlong on behalf of the Wexford Historical Society.


Wexford Festival Opera Tours in association with Wexford Festival Opera and the National Opera House are organised by Bernard Browne and Nicholas Furlong on behalf of Wexford Historical Society. The Festival tours, which have been running since 1951, are led by expert guides who take you to interesting and intriguing places throughout Wexford town and county, some known, some lesser-known. The tours are open to everyone and are free of charge. The tours leave the Talbot Hotel car park in the morning and return to Wexford at lunch, in time to enjoy the afternoon Festival events. If you don’t have a car, don’t worry. People with cars make room for those without; an opportunity to explore Co. Wexford’s ‘Hidden Gems’ and make new friends. That is what Wexford Festival Opera is all about. 

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The tours are free and are open to all. For more information visit wexfordhistoricalsociety.com