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Tutors & Collaborators

The Wexford Factory tutors and collaborators come from across the national education and international opera and theatre world. Their collective expertise and experiences place them at the highest levels in their respective fields.

Work starts in early September each year when young artists are tutored by some famous and familiar names in preparation for their first performance at the end of September in The Factory Concert, and later at the end of October in Wexford Festival Opera productions.

Wexford Factory is also an international collaboration with TUD (Technological University Dublin), RIAM (Royal Irish Academy of Music) and the Rossini Opera Festival Academy, Pesaro.

Affording participants, the opportunity to immediately jump into the professional world through their involvement in the operas of Wexford Festival Opera, the Festival is committed to expanding the programme in the coming years. Speaking recently, WFO Artistic Director Rosetta Cucchi said that in creating the Wexford Factory the “dream is to grow the academy, to develop all shades of careers within Theatre and Opera.”

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Wexford Factory Gala News

Wexford Factory Gala Concert 2023

Wexford Factory, Artist Development, Watch 
Masterclass Serena Gamberoni

Wexford Factory Masterclass with Serena Gamberoni

Wexford Factory, Artist Development, Watch 
Masterclass with Daniela Barcellona

Wexford Factory Masterclass with Daniela Barcellona