Wexford Festival Opera shortlisted for prestigious FEDORA prize!

SYNAPSES: If we are not allowed to go to theatres then opera will come to us. These 360° performances will overthrow all boundaries. Synapses is impulse between different languages, transmission of pure electricity, fusion of creation and performance. It is the point of contact.

Wexford Festival Opera, in collaboration with the Rossini Opera Festival, Maynooth University Music Department and Wexford County Council, has been shortlisted for the prestigious FEDORA prize, an exciting project connecting artists and generations of audiences in the local community through music. 

Over the past year the importance of contact, of connecting, has become ever more central to our lives. Synapses is an exciting new project which will celebrate connections, both between artists and art.

Find out more about the project here...

The winners will be announced in June.