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Magda: June Card
Lisette: Anne-Marie Blanzat
Ruggero: Beniamino Prior
Prunier: Alexander Oliver
: Thomas Lawlor
Perichaud: Brian Donlan
Gobin: Harold Sharples
Crebillon: Gavin Walton
Yvette: Sara de Javelin
Bianca: Susan Howells
Suzy: Myrna Moreno
A Steward: Gavin Walton


ConductorMyer Fredman
DirectorAnthony Besch
Set DesignJohn Stoddart
Costume DesignJohn Stoddart
Chorus MasterKenneth Cleveland
Chorus CoachesMelanie Crowther, Patrick Murphy

The Plot

Act 1
The story begins in Paris, where Magda, a wealthy courtesan, attends a party at her luxurious home. She meets Ruggero, a young man who falls in love with her. Magda feels drawn to Ruggero but is hesitant to pursue a serious relationship due to her past.

Act 2
Magda and Ruggero escape to a villa on the French Riviera, living together as lovers. However, Magda's fear of commitment resurfaces, and she decides to leave Ruggero to protect him from her scandalous past.

Act 3
Several months later, Magda returns to Paris and resumes her life as a courtesan. Ruggero, heartbroken and unaware of Magda's true profession, arrives in Paris to find her. He confronts Magda, demanding answers and expressing his love for her.

Act 4
In a bittersweet finale, Magda reveals the truth about her past to Ruggero. She explains that she cannot be with him due to the societal expectations and judgments they would face. Despite their love for each other, Ruggero reluctantly accepts this reality, and they part ways.

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