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Serpina: Carmen Lavani

Uberto: Sesto Bruscantini

Vespone: Angela Aguade

Creative Team

ConductorJames Judd
DirectorSesto Bruscantini
Set DesignTim Reed
Costume DesignTim Reed
Lighting DesignJan Sendor


Stage ManagerPaul Davies

The Plot

The story revolves around a clever servant named Serpina, who wants to marry her master, Uberto. However, Uberto is not interested in marrying her and decides to hire a new servant to replace her. In order to make Uberto jealous and win his heart, Serpina pretends to be in love with the new servant, Vespone. Eventually, Serpina's plan works and Uberto realizes his true feelings for her. The opera ends with Uberto proposing to Serpina and the couple living happily ever after.

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