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Lakmé: Christiane Eda-Pierre
Mallika: Yvonne Fuller
Rose: Angela Whittingham
Ellen: Carmel O'Byrne
Mistress Bentson: Gabrielle Ristori
Gerald: John Stewart
Nilakantha: Jacques Mars
Frederic: William Elvin
Hagi: Malcolm Williams
Dancers: Lyn Walker, Anthony Bremner


ConductorDavid Lloyd-Jones
DirectorMichael Hadjimischev
Set DesignJohn Fraser
Costume DesignJohn Fraser
ChoreographerOenone Talbot

The Plot

Act 1
In the first act, we are introduced to the British officer Gérald, who falls in love with Lakmé, the daughter of a Brahmin priest. He disguises himself as a merchant and enters the temple where Lakmé and her father reside. There, he meets Lakmé and they fall in love.

Act 2
In the second act, Gérald and Lakmé are discovered by Lakmé's father, who becomes enraged and orders his daughter to sing a sacred song to the gods in order to prove her innocence. Lakmé drinks poison, which she has concealed in a flower, and falls into a coma. Gérald decides to take her away with him.

Act 3
In the third act, Gérald and Lakmé are living together in a remote cabin. However, Gérald's duties as an officer call him away, and he leaves Lakmé behind. She becomes ill and dies. Gérald returns to find her dead and is devastated by her loss.

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