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Isabella: Jill Gomez
Bertrando: Ugo Benelli
Ormondo: Robert Bickerstaff
Batone: Frederico Davia
Tarabotto: Elfego Esparza


ConductorDavid Atherton
DirectorPatrick Libby
Set DesignJohn Fuzser
Costume DesignJohn Fuzser

The Plot

"L'inganno felice" by Rossini is a one-act opera, so there are no divisions by acts. The plot revolves around the story of a noblewoman, Isabella, who is shipwrecked on the coast of North Africa. She is separated from her husband and believes him to be dead. The Bey of Algiers, who has been searching for a wife, discovers Isabella and wishes to marry her. However, Isabella has other plans and hatches a scheme to escape from the Bey's palace with her husband. With the help of her old flame, Tarabotto, she manages to outsmart the Bey and reunite with her husband.

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