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Palemon: Lieuwe Visser
Athanael: Thomas McKinney
Thais: Jill Gomez
Le Serviteur: Sean Mitten
Francis Egerton
Crobyle: Helen MacArthur
Myrtale: Ann Murray
Albine: Ruth Maher


ConductorJacques Delacote
DirectorJeremy Sutcliffe
Set DesignJohn Fraser
Costume DesignJohn Fraser
Lighting DesignJamie Taylor
Chorus MasterKenneth Cleveland
Chorus CoachesMelanie Crowther, Patrick Murphy
Stage ManagerJane Crosby

The Plot

Act 1
The story takes place in ancient Egypt, where the courtesan Thaïs lives a life of luxury and pleasure. The monk Athanaël becomes obsessed with converting Thaïs to Christianity and saving her soul. He convinces her to abandon her sinful lifestyle and follow him to a convent, where she can repent for her sins.

Act 2
Thaïs struggles to adapt to her new life as a nun, but Athanaël encourages her to persevere. Meanwhile, he is tormented by his own desires for Thaïs and begins to question his faith. In a moment of weakness, he tries to seduce Thaïs, but she rebuffs him and reaffirms her commitment to God.

Act 3
Thaïs falls ill and realizes that she is dying. Athanaël returns to her side and confesses his love for her. Thaïs forgives him and dies peacefully, believing that she has been redeemed. Athanaël is left alone to reflect on his actions and the true meaning of love and faith.

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